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De Familie BackeljauSeries Online

This Flemish sitcom is entirely about the entirely wacky lower-class family Backeljau, which always speaks the most common Antwerp dialect. It consists of father François 'Cois' Backeljau, his wife Maria, the rather cunning Bomma ('granny' Thérèse, his mother), the even older pet (in dog years) Blacky, their son Franky and his wife Janine, daughter Sabrina and her husband Antonio and little nephew Lionel, the youngest but more intelligent then all his dumb relatives together and various lovers, friends and regular guests, such as the mailman and the policeman.

Episode count: 60

IMDB: 7.3

Actors: Luk Wyns, Mitta Van der Maat, Paul Maes

Directors: N/A

Genre: Comedy


Views: 3904