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If you've ever streamed the internet in pursuit of a free movie, sitcom, TV series, documentary, or assorted videos, you'll know how frustrating it is. On every nook and corner of the online realm, you'll encounter spyware and annoying ads, but not what you're looking for. Those few sites that do dangle the movie in front of you demand a hefty payment in return. For those who do not wish to give in to these demands, and still watch their favorite movies and shows, this article will be the perfect guide.


Primarily, our choice for a free video streaming website is undoubtedly 123Movies. The site stands out from the crowd with its user-friendly interface, a huge movie database, and the absence of annoying ads or malware. In the ever-money hungry seas of the internet, sites like 123Movies provide a haven for users and that too without costing a penny.

Background Info: Watch Free Full Movies Online at 123Movies

Released around 2015, 123Movies took the internet by a storm. Based in Vietnam, the website offered such impressive services that it topped all its competitors and amassed a visitor pool of millions. However, this fame brought the site to troublesome grounds with the legal authorities, who soon began pursuing the site’s activities. To avoid entrapment, the site rebranded itself as the equally famous GoMovies but reverted to its previous name in 2018. Other similar sites, such as Soap2day have emerged according to news stations.


Facing severe legal pressure, spearheaded by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the site had to be taken down in 2018. But not so fast! Pulling up a trick from under its sleeve, the website popped many clone sites to fill the void.


The original site, 123Movies.to as mentioned above, was taken down and replaced with several mirror sites; this, however, created a problem. Although some mirrors perfectly capture the original’s mission and emulate the experience, others fall short in doing so. Moreover, some clones are fronts for malware distribution and ad spamming, making them a no-no for movie streaming. This is the only new official 123movies website that can be trusted.


This website is completely legal and save to use. If you use other websites, it is recommended to use a VPN for visiting such sites; the internet is a dangerous place, and you never know where a threat lurks. VPNs shield you and your device from all online threats and make your internet trip safe and fun.

Why Should You Watch Free Full Movies Online at 123Movies?

For one, it is free, and then it offers a heap of lucrative features. It attracts new users constantly with its ease of operation, diversity of content, and no registration process. You can always check whether the website has a certain movie you're trying to access and then dive in further. Nevertheless, it pays to know what the site has to offer, so here are some top features of the website:


1. A Huge Variety of Content and Genres

Right from the start, when you access the homepage, you can see a wide host of content. The movies, of which there are thousands, are conveniently categorized into several genres and other lists. You may stream through the adventure category to explore titles like Heat, Speed, Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, and Hunger Games. In case your memory is a bit foggy, you can browse through alphabetical filters to find the movie you're looking for. If you're blank and just want to try something out, try the top ten list or the new arrivals for something suited to your taste.

2. Movie Requests are Available

So you’ve exhausted your efforts trying to find a title you wanted to watch for the weekend? Worry not, try out something else for now and send a movie request to the site. Yes, they take requests and you may ask them to upload a certain movie if it’s unavailable and they will get on to it. The process is quite simple and there are no annoying multiple steps; you just write to them and they’ll act accordingly. Just a heads up though, make sure that the movie you’ve requested is not available to save yourself and the site staff some hassle.

3. Effective Search Tool

If you’ve made up your mind to watch a movie, for example Friday the 13th, all you have to do is to type the name in the search bar. The potent search capabilities of the engine will whip up the results immediately. In case it doesn’t, confirm the spellings of the movie on Google and try again.


 4. Excellent Movie Suggestions

If you’re a movie newbie, you don’t need to be hard on yourself because we all are at some point. The site is meant for aficionados and rookies alike, and will offer suggestions to help you take a pick. Their suggestions are effective and will help you enjoy the type of movies you'll come to cherish the most.


 5. Stream Media Content as Much as You Like

You can just as easily stream media content on the site as you would watch a movie on your TV. The site has host servers fanned out through the globe and present in vital locales such as the UK, USA, South Korea, and China. This means that you are assured of high quality and super speedy media streaming irrespective of where you are from. It provides you a premium streaming experience, comparable to Netflix, but without charging you a single penny.


 6. Many Genres Available

You can access a wide variety of content from each genre. Whether it be science fiction titles like Martian or sci-fi/horror like Alien, the site has them all. The genre categorization comes even more in handy when you wish to watch free full movies online at 123movies, but have no idea which one exactly.

Is it Safe to Watch Free Full Movies Online at 123Movies?

The website (along with the two mirrors we have shared) is very safe and easy to use. Normally, you'd be bombarded with ad intensive websites that may also push malware to your computer but this is not the case with 123Movies. Not only is it free from annoying ads, but its curators also spend considerable time ensuring safety and perfection for the site.


If you just give it a try, you’ll see that the website operates without any intrusions and there are no safety concerns whatsoever. It is nevertheless recommended to use a VPN service, mostly to evade the prying eyes of observers that stalk the internet. Be it government agencies or hackers, a VPN secures you from all sorts of online threats.


Several clone sites are teeming with such threats and hence you must opt for the mirrors we have shared with you for maximum safety. The use of a VPN encompasses more than just streaming movies without a worry: it also ensures your utmost privacy while browsing the internet.


 Is it Illegal to Watch Free Full Movies Online at 123Movies?

The legal debate over sites like 123Movies is a hot topic and continues to intensify without resolution. It is perfectly fine to watch free full movies online at 123Movies while other websites, especially those that wish to charge you special for this privilege, deem it illegal; this means that your shouldn’t use other sites.


Why Watch Free Full Movies Online at 123Movies and Other Online Streaming Services?

There is a combination of reasons for this growing preference. Firstly, people abhor the wait for a movie to finally hit the TV screen or to become available on Netflix. Having to buy a BluRay and then watch a film is also filled with hassles. Online streaming services offer easy, unabated, and free access to movies before most other options. The free part is especially alluring for those who feel that it is enough that they pay for cable and internet and they also have to purchase extra subscriptions for paid movie streaming sites.


Some commonly reported reasons for putting free online streaming services on the front foot are as follows:


1. These Services are Extremely Convenient

Imagine the alternative; you drive to your nearest cinema, wait in a long line for a ticket and when you finally get one, you pray for good seats. You order a Blu-ray, open it up and play the movie, accidentally break it after you're done and now you can't re-watch it. Or you wait tirelessly for the movie to be featured on the television, only to discover that it will be played on an inconvenient hour. Online streaming is looking better and better right? See how much trouble it saves you and how convenient it is.


2. These Services are Completely Free

Instead of having to dole out your hard-gotten gains, why not sit back and save some bucks? With the global economy tattered by a combination of factors and a decent standard of living made harder and harder, it behooves you to opt for free options.


3.  They Provide Unabated Access to a Huge Library of Movies